The Technical Writers

There are a number of writers across the world…some of them are technical writers. Software technology has ensured that many more writers blossom even from places where English is not the native language and make a successful career in technical writing. However, not all make good writers due to a variety of factors. Of late there have been alarming tendencies:

  • Companies need more people and compromise on quality
  • People are driven by the craze to join software companies at any cost
  • Candidates underestimate the needs of writing as a career

Thus, some people without proper writing skills join organizations and find it difficult to make the grade. A few among these use every tactic possible to prosper in their careers:

  • Behaving aggresively
  • Using marketing pitch
  • Networking and groupism
  • Pulling strings to “manage” rather than write
  • Reinventing themselves to work only on certain aspects

Some do learn while a few fall by the wayside. However, what is tragic is that a few using their contacts or other devious means, make life miserable for others. Yet, not everything is dismal — there are many writers who are excellent in their work. This blog caters to such writers who have shown passion for technical writing and have worked hard to be writers. These writers would share real tips and stories based on actual experiences rather than from some books or websites.

In addition, this blog provides an avenue for these writers to interact with other writers. Note that this blog does not ignore writers who want to improve their skills. In fact, this blog hopes to be a sort of practice area for writers honing their writing skills. Of course, only invited writers can contribute to this blog; if you are keen to write, then send us an e-mail and we will respond appropriately.

This blog does not want to crib or lament or point fingers at anyone in particular but is a genuine, non-profit, and non-marketing-oriented blog for those with a real passion for technical writing. We also do not promise any tutoring or payment for writing.

Welcome all!

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