Things to look for in your first writing job

Typically candidates look for jobs as writers either in companies that pay higher or (on the contrary and in desparation) any writing job in any company. However, if you are serious of making it as a writer, you should look at different factors before taking up your first job.

The ideal first job:

  • Plays a crucial role in shaping careers
  • Lets you put in practice in a real environment whatever you may have learnt till date
  • Makes you learn the right things the right way
  • Is your springboard to what you will be years later

Therefore, look for these factors when you apply for a job:

  • Would you be trained or mentored by experienced writers?
  • Does the company have a team of writers, editors and such staff?
  • Is this a company where you can learn?
  • What are the other avenues available in case you are not comfortable with a particular assignment?
  • What does the company’s documentation group actually produce?
  • Does the company allow you to read books on writing and provide memberships to forums and societies?

Usually, in smaller companies you may do all aspects of work, whereas in bigger companies you may learn the processes while doing only a task or two. But this is not a rule. Ideally you should look at learning during the start of your career.

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