Books I have on technical writing, advertising, copywriting, and news writing…

Books I have on technical writing, advertising, copywriting, and news writing:

1. Developing on line help for Windows – Scott Boggan, David Farhas, Joe Welinkse – Thomson Computer Press
2. Writing and reporting news – a coaching method – Carol Rich – Wadsworth
3. Bill Bryson’s Troublesome Words
4. Starting a documentation group – a hands on approach – Peter J Hartman
5. Technical marketing communication (Allyn & Bacon Series) – Sandra W. Harner, Tom G. Zimmerman – Longman
6. 100 writing remedies (practical exercises for technical writing) Edmond Weiss – University Press
7. How to edit technical documents – Donald W Bush, Charles P Campbell – University Press
8. Single Sourcing – Building Modular Documentation – Kurt Amnet (William Andrew Publishers)
9. The ACS style guide, a manual for autors and editors – Janet S Dodd (ACS)
10. The craft of copywriting – Alistair Crompton – Random House
11. The craft of copywriting – Valldares – Response Books
12. Ogilvy on Advertising – Vintage Publishers
13. Brand Positioning – strategies for competitive advantage – Subroto Sen gupta – Tata Mc Graw Hill
14. Kleppners Advertising Procedure – J Thomas Russell, W. Ronal Lane – Prentice hall
15. Writing down the bones – Natalie Goldberg – Shambala Publ.
16. Writing Software Documentation, a task-oriented approach by Thomas Barker – Pearson Education
17. The Elements of Stayle – William Strunk and White – Longman
18. Indexing – Kurt Amnet – William Andrew Oublishing
19. Microsoft manual of Style for Technical Publications – Microsoft – Prentice Hall
20. Positioning, the battle for you mind – Al Ries, Jack trout , et al – Tata Mc Graw Hill
21. Revision Strategies in Writing – Nirmal Oberoi – Creative
22. Basics of Instructional Design – NIIT – Prentice Hall
23. Stephen king – On Writing – Pocket Books
24. The Elements of Technical Writing – Gary Blake and Robert Bly – Longman
25. Eats shoots and leaves – Lynne Truss – Profile Books
26. Writing – a college workbook – James AW Heffernan, John E Lincoln, Lindy Moore – Norton
27. How to communicate Technical Information – a handbook of software and hardware documentation – Dr, Jonathan Price – Addison Wesley
28. Developing Quality Technical Information – a handbook for writers and editors (IBM) Prentice Hall

Of course, I don’t intend to lend them as borrowed books never come back 🙂

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