Flare is interesting

I am new to Madcap Flare. I had used RoboHelp for years but found the transition to Flare easy. Although, Flare is a bit difficult to get used to initially, I took an instant liking to snippets, web help skins, and web help mobile output. You can tweak the HTML styles but I found it a bit tedious to do so from the advanced view.

I like the concept of master pages and proxies. I also like the mark of the web feature that allows websites to run ActiveX without the irritating messages that pop up.

However, I think Flare could do with a little more reliability – some features associated with styles don’t seem to work as intended. For example, I wanted to float a block right within a div and mini TOC proxy but could not get the desired results.

I am going to suggest a feature to Madcap: provide users the ability to add their own accordion items.