What I want to do in the next 10 years…

A snapshot of my career and education so far.

Worked as Technical Writer in:
  • services company. Used Madcap Flare to author Webhelp following Agile model.
  • a security product company briefly. Wrote deployment scenarios and started with planning guide (4 months)
  • large corporation – used RoboHelp, traveled extensively, mentored other writers, filed a disclosure, got accredited. Worked on different projects – wrote system admin guides and user guides (nearly 4 years!)
  • company producing software for semiconductor-manufacturing process. wrote configuration guide, concept guide, and user guide using Adobe FrameMaker. Was lead. (2 years)
  • software product company and wrote install cards and user guides (1 year). Used Adobe FrameMaker
  • ERP software company as part of education team and wrote training manuals, work books, and online help (2 years), Used RoboHelp 2000 and Word and Adobe Acrobat
Worked part time as
  • Copy Writer in advertising agency (an year)
  • Copy Editor for Science Journals (a little more than an year)


  • Masters in Geology
  • PG Diploma in Advertising
  • Computers and information processing
  • Diploma in Creative Writing

What I want to do next:

  • Become CCNA certified. Also in database and domain
  • Complete TKT
  • Get certified in Flare, Adobe FarmeMaker, DITA, and Word
  • Get Masters in English Language Teaching
  • Work for a few years on complex software product (such as network products, anti-virus software, or database technology) as senior writer (Cisco, Juniper, Novell, Symantec, or Mcafee)
  • Work in end user product (Yahoo, Amazon, MS Word, or Adobe)
  • Use DITA
  • Use Structured FrameMaker
  • Write API Guide, Hardware Guides, Getting Started Guides, and User Guides for technical users
  • Work in training role
  • Implement accessibility in documents
  • Move over to teaching technical writing in university
  • Publish book on technical writing
  • Start my own information and documentation company, a library, and a teaching centre